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6AM success was obtained at 10PM, not in Italy, but in the City where the biggest Hip-Hop Festival in the continent is held. It feels like yesterday when Teq released 3 singles in one day and kept the streets buzzing ever since, continuing to show his dominance by making his presence to be loud in the streets. Yep, he’s definitely a problem child of this Hip-Hop genre.

When he crafted his lyrics, he penned down a prophecy that is manifesting over time as time unfolds. As the future becomes present he presents his vision with impactful music. On the song 10PM (Not In Italy), he touches on the gatekeeping issues of the Music Industry, even though he wasn’t given a plague, he transformed to make himself a platform and a force that can’t be ignored.

This became a reality when he won the Back To The City MC 10K Challenge of 2022, where he raised Vaal Flag for the whole content to witness, as he prophecied on 10PM (Not In Italy). Taking the No. 1 spot in the Top 8 finalists, yet again, as he said on his lyrics “I’m Top 10 and not 10, when you count back, ngiLast Number”.

He talked about trusting in the process, which is something that is not easy since it often never makes sense at a time. Maneuvering without budgets while shooting aimlessly at targets with hope that one day things will turn around and look up. Through all of this, he says the streets are something you cannot gatekeep because he got keys to every corner. This is where he found comfort to carry his vision forth. The Streets came through in numbers when they voted for him to be in the Top 8 Finalists of the 10k MC Challenge; another manifestation.

He said he won’t stop until he gets what he deserves and the sit on the table. This has also manifested as he’ll definitely be in the Main Line-Up of the Back To The City Hip-Hop Festival this year by default, as result of winning the 10k Challenge. Raising theVaal Flag once again. His lyrics are truly manifesting over time. 6AM success written in 10PM.

His lyrics are truly manifesting over time. 6AM success written in 10PM.

Watch the Music Video of 10PM: Not In Italy (featuring Leqhwa) on YouTube, amd witness the prophecy being manifested:

Official Music Video