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Stan SonOfman15 Unplugged Session

July 26, 2022
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Sharpeville Creations and Uhuru Family Restaurant have teamed to bring us an unplugged session with Stan SonOfMan15 on the 30th of July 2022.

The session is set to take place at the Uhuru Family Restaurant at Sharpeville from 12pm. PYRAMID Magazine then caught up with the man of the moment to get a better insight behind the artist himself, and what to expect at the unplugged session.

Can you tell us about Stan SonOfman15, and the inspiration behind the name?

Moeketsi Stanley Mofokeng also known as STAN SONOFMAN 15 to his peers and fans, was born and bred in the Vaal, Sebokeng Zone 3 to be precise. Raised by a single mother with my other 3 siblings and I’m the last of the 4. I fell in love with the art of music back in primary school but started writing and recording my own in 2012 as part of a collective called DIALECT. We released our first and last full body project titled “SPECIAL DELIVERY” during the same year. I then moved on to establish myself as a solo act and that’s when the birth of STAN SONOFMAN 15 came.

The inspiration behind the name was, at first I wanted something to rhyme with my name (STAN), but as I grew older and wiser with hip hop the meaning got deeper. I realized most of my mom’s friends called her MaJeso (Jesus’s mother) because her other name is Maria. The number 15 was my late friend’s (MPHO “Dida” Mokonyana) favourite jersey number. A month before he passed, he had promised to give me one of his soccer t-shirts so when he couldn’t anymore I thought I’d would be best I put his number on name as he is the person id like to never forget in my life, so this was my way of representing a very good friend of mine

What inspired the One Man Show, and how did it come about?

I think growth, the feeling of wanting more and building rapport with establishments outside of hip hop because this is not the first showcasing, the first one took place at Shape Café Thabong Mall branch. The whole idea started as a tour, I wanted to organise my own independent tour to promote myself and my music.

What can people expect from the show?

Beautiful music, people and a great flow of energy. Great 7 hours of nothing but good vibes

What previous projects have you released and how can people get hold of them?

STUBBORNFAITH 1&2, a short mixtape titled F.U.N (Fxcked Up Nice) MIXTAPE. They are all on both Audiomack and YouTube.

Do you have any new and upcoming music? Can you tell us about it?

I have been working on a project I want to title ALMOST and it’s gonna serve as the third of the STUBBORNFAITH sequel. I can’t say much about it now but I’m gonna perform a couple of songs from it at the SONOFMAN 15 #UNPLUGGED show. I’m super excited.

How can people get hold you on Social Platforms?

Stansonofman Fifthin on Facebook, then Stansonofman15 on all other social media platforms