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Pyramid Magazine had a catch up session with T’Bu Twiz; a rapper who’s born and bred in Sharpeville with a global vision of using Hip-Hop Music as a tool to cross boundaries and reach audiences beyond the Vaal. Below is a summary of how it went down.

Pyramid Mag: Since the release of your first official album titled, Whose Crown Is it Anyway, you’ve been releasing music consistently with some of the singles landing on various music charts. Can you describe how has the journey been for you for 2022 and 2023? 

T’Bu Twiz: The journey has pretty much been the same to a certain degree as compared to before the drop, only that for us as a team we’ve gained experience, new ears and followers, gave me as a brand a good catalog, boosted my confidence. But overall I’ve grown from it, I’m more hungrier than I was in a way. It helped me move passed my own production, I’ve now opened doors wide open for producers to work with me, eventually I’ll have someone who knows how to shape my brand and sound into what I really am.

Pyramid Mag: How would you describe your sound and the type of artist you are?

T’Bu Twiz: My sound is versatile, I’m one artist who hates being predictable in terms of creativity. I draw a lot of inspiration from the type of sound that speaks sense or shares something relatable to me. Basically lyrical sound, yes as versatile as my sound is, in whatever I jump on the pen has to make sense, as for everything else I pretty much leave to the next artist. But overall, I grew up on that boom bap sound, although my album has the morden hip hop sound.

Pyramid Mag: You have a brand partnership with a clothing label “Balance”, can you tell us more about the partnership and how can people purchase the brand? 

T’Bu Twiz: Balance is amazing, owned by a humble and ambitious young lady named Fikile Khumalo from Lenasia in Gauteng. The partnership was approached through my younger brother (Lehlohonolo Moleli), which was at the time a brand ambassador for Balance Apparel. The lady had asked him to ask if me and JustSam would be keen to help her penetrate the Vaal market as she felt her brand would blend well with us, which was a success because her biggest customers and sales ended being in the Vaal as time went. However it’s purely a partnership where we all show up for each other ofcourse.

Follow Balance Apparel on their Facebook Page on the link below:

Pyramid Mag: What’s your view on the current state of #VaalHipHop? 

T’Bu Twiz: The current state of Vaal Hip Hop to me is stagnant because to date there’s still no real representation of Vaal Hip Hop in the mainstream. It’s still dominated by other regions in Gauteng and other provinces, there’s still no teamwork, no meaningful collaborations. Talent is merely enough to win anyone’s heart from the Vaal if you’re an artist from the Vaal. I’m saying this looking at how easy it is for any artist outside the Vaal Triangle to be loved and appreciated by any audience from the Vaal, as long as there’s already noise behind that particular artist.

Pyramid Mag: As you prepare to release more music in 2023, what lessons are you bringing forth from your album release, Whose Crown Is It Anyway? 

T’Bu Twiz: The only lesson I’ve been moving with since the realease of the album is to make and release music that makes me happy and best sell me as the artist I want to be received as by anyone. Collaborate as much as I can for as long as the collaboration makes sense to my brand, release as much visuals as I can to any project I release, be weary of what’s happening in the streets while I’m at it. Be as much experimental as I possibly can and lastly, release music, never hold onto music, if I have something I feel like people can vibe to, release it and allow the masses to select their own breakthrough project for T’Bu Twiz.

Pyramid Mag: Who are you working with on your upcoming releases, and what brought about that decision?

T’Bu Twiz: Justsam for the obvious reasons, it comes easy looking at our work chemistry and partnership. Already have something worked on with Phil Cash, this collaboration was linked by Vincent Kheswa, for the type of sound I was chasing, Phil made sense to be on that collaboration. I have something with Dukii on the way, Jay Prince as well. Cooking something beautiful with a very talented lady as well named Oh Fabia, still on the works. These are projects that are already confirmed. Apart from them I’m in the talks with a number of artists, which I can’t disclose yet as we have everything confirmed verbally and haven’t jumped in the studio with yet. Besides artists im heavily collaborating with producers such as Swankie Lash, Sub Beatz, Hype and 1000Beatz.

Pyramid Mag: What message would you like to give to your followers? 

T’Bu Twiz: Thank you for your undying and continued support. Grow with me and I promise to one day make you a proud day one.

Follow the below link to catch up with all the latest releases from T’Bu Twiz, as well as all the music he ever released:

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