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6AM Success presents to you an early gift this coming winter. With the country suffering from the rising stages of Load Shedding, it’s advisable for one to take precautions and prepare for what’s coming, Winter.

When Father TeQ said, “kuthiwa ningamaGoat ngiDlozi do the math,” referencing the rituals this side of the [V] town where we slaughter “G.O.A.Ts” 🐐 as a sacrifice to the Higher Power in comparison to Wolves. The Lord of Winterfell is bringing the power 🔋 to the Youth with an electrifying lineup to keep you warm this winter.

Tickets for the Winterfell Hip Hop Festival are now available for purchase.

Book your tickets by following the link below:

Do not be left in the dark by pre-booking your ticket for only R50. Reserve your spot or risk paying R80 at the gate.

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