From being a Problem Child in the Music Industry, showcasing TEQ_nical rapping skills that locked #BarsZonke like a country in a pandemic, the LEVEL of HEATWAVE from TeQ Problem got the SA Hip-Hop Nation shouting FATHER TEQ FATHER TEQ.

With Speakers Booming from Vaal to KZN, surviving through Digital Cyphers, a new alias was born to give birth to DYAN PABLO. Delivering flows carrying metaphors that punch lines like Tyson and Ali fists combined, leaving the listeners wondering ukuthi “eyakabani le GUMBA FAYA.” Father TeQ leaves no stone unturned with his new FREESTYLE as he pays HOMAGE to all the THREE CORNERS of his neighbourhood, #VaalHipHop. 

This one is truly for the streets, produced by Street Carnivore, and recorded by BasiQ.

#VaalHipHop #FatherTeq #HomageFreestyle

Artwork designed by WorsePsy.

Download the song by clicking the below:

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