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Digitization has taken away the emotional impact of the music as it got lost through the sound quality. Raw Beats Headbangers are created to bring the emotion back, as Raw Beats is a producer who values high-quality.

Downloading music illegally often means the music files are poor quality, and the frustration that comes with poor quality headphones is that they cannot play both the bass tones and the high-frequency tones.

Raw Beats thirst for Audio Quality inspired him to create a range of headphones with an impact that can change the experience of listening to music. The Headbangers features with a 40mm large diameter aperture drivers and built-in high detail microphone.

Wide frequency range reproduces precise deep base and high clarity sound. You can expect comfortable listening experience for both music playing or phone calls.

The dual headphones 🎧 [the product is both WIRELESS & WIRED] are available for R400.

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