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    1. Ke Champ(e) – Leqhwa ft. Black Dillinger & Ntukza Teargas (prod. by Leqhwa)
    2. Ke Kgale Ba Bua – Sechele Manyetse ZA (prod. by Sol)
    3. Latte – Real Deal Genaro (prod. by Flokey)
    4. Italian Highway – JustSam (prod. by 1000 Beats)
    5. Neng Neng – Masedi (prod. by Cyrus Beatz)
    6. Katleho – Tlhaho Ntabanyane (prod. by CrankRoom808)
    7. Ke Mobone – Shuvit Ryt Der ft Rasekgantsho Matsabu
    8. Boguluva – Kat Scavenger ft. Toka Channelcloser (prod. by Pretty Blvck Sgegede Omnyama)
    9. Ditokotoko – Maths Dipalo aka Ntate Beibi (prod. by 1000 Beats)
    10. Ake Thibeye – Sub Beatz ft. JustSam & WorsePsy (prod. by Sub Beatz)
    11. Re Jwatso – GrizzMo (prod. by S.W.O.T)
    12. Me’Kind – King Chabz (prod. by Zwelibanzi)
    13. Switch Up – KxngBlu (prod. by KxngBlu)

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    Few words

    #VaalHipHop Compilation Volume 1.

    This is the 1st official Compilation of #VaalHipHop Music. The compilation is based on Artists who made up the lineup of the 1st #VaalHipHop Master Class that was held on the 5th of September at AFRO-BRU Maboneng Precinct.

    The compilation is divided into 3 Parts that form a Triangle, and play a key role in the heritage of Basotho , which is (i) Kgotso (Peace), (ii) Pula (Rain) and (iii) Nala (Prosperity), which is also the cornerstone of the representation of Vaal Triangle [Kgutlo-tharo ya Lekoa].

    This motto is a deep philosophical appreciation of how the nation shall live. First there has to be peace, then natural response would be rain which indicates in the belief of Basotho that the people have favour of God on their side and then prosperity becomes eventuality.