True Religion | Music Review

August 8, 2022
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True Religion- Music Review by Lesego Ginger Dithebe

Title: True Religion.

Artist: Raw Beats featuring LandmarQue.

Duration: 00:03:10

Record Label: EasternVille Music.

There’s a pious sense of faith and glory in the divine genre of hip-hop. The art is godly, and the culture is supreme. Hip-hop is gospel in the ears of the multiple disciples who follow it religiously. It’s a church of uncensored scriptures over coarse harmonies. Consequentially, a blessed service is underway at EasternVille Music – super producer, Raw Beats, has assumed the role of a bishop, and entrusted veteran cleric, LandmarQue, to capture the congregation with a powerful sermon.

Raw Beats

Raw Beats is a boom bap specialist who has doctored innumerable records for a myriad of rappers with viral content in the rap institution. On this operation, his needle drew blood from Last Days Fam. LandmarQue is a monumental figure in the underground scene with group classics and solo wonders to his legendary name. The two cross bearers crossed paths for the second time after DJ OB’s chart topping single, Vanish, to create Truest Religion in ritualistic appreciation for the poetic creed.

True Religion is the ultimate gospel. It’s a treasure hunt in its purest form. It’s about finding power in weakness, and a voice in silence. It’s rooted in embracing godlike traits in mankind. It celebrates gold-plated humanity. It’s about finding value, not only in the money that one has generated, but also the contentment that they’ve earned. It’s the essence of the universe expressed in music. It’s a source of inspiration and a platform for introspection. It interprets dreams and supports goals. It’s a machine decorated in nature.    


The beat speaks to the listener before the vocals can strike the eardrum. It’s a classic composition that’s soulful but not emotive. It has a soothing melody that evokes mental harmony. It has an authentic boom bap trademark with a modern edge. The tempo isn’t in a rush to override the message, but also not reluctant to run its course. The beat has an orderly arrangement, and notes that tell a story without uttering a word. As an immaculate exhibition of art, it serves as a canvas for a lexical picture to be painted on.

After Raw Beats left his signature sound on the beat, LandmarQue borrowed his pen to fill the rest of the form. The witty wordsmith applied the same standard of penmanship that earned him the lyricist of the year nomination at the 2020 South African HipHop awards. There’s a mature use of language fused with an antagonistic undertone to honour the street culture. The content is educational, yet competitive. LandmarQue’s vast experience in the hip-hop industry enabled him to educate without imposing knowledge and emerge superior without resorting to intimidation.

The song has two verses that are emblematic of dual supremacy. Landmarque heeded the call to serve a fervent delivery. He instilled belief by turning every line into a quotable scripture about the truest religion. The rhyming is simple, yet proficient. The flow is slick and consistently adapts to the changes in the beat pattern. His domineering artistry allowed him to send a strong message with a commanding tone. It’s heavenly how he drops angelic lines that may fly over some listeners’ head.  

The immense chemistry between the two gods has resulted in a rhythmical interpretation of spiritual science. True Religion is a definite hit. The instrumentals bring forth a sense of tranquility and the lyrics provide guidance. The concoction was mixed by Raw Beats, and mastered by the legendary Robin Kohl of Jazz Worx studios – a reputable organisation that’s at the summit of the South African music hierarchy. Raw Beats and LandmarQue are bound to ascend the pulpit with this hymn. Preach!!!

Rating: 10/10.

True Religion is available on all Digital Stores. It can be accessed directly using the below link:

The Official Lyric Video which is created and designed by Teboho Theoha of Creative Granum is available on YouTube using the below link:

True Religion (Official Lyric Video) – Raw Beats featuring LandmarQue

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