Sit down with L-Ment from MoneyWay Records

June 30, 2023
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Pyramid Magazine had a young sit down with one of the members of MoneyWay Records, L-Ment, to catch up about his latest release and peep of what is to come in the near future.

Pyramid Mag: To people who’ve never heard of L-Ment, how would you describe yourself as an artist and the music that you do?

L-Ment: I’d like to see myself as “the bad guy”. Reason being I feel like I’m an underdog compared to everyone around me so I won’t be saying controversial things that people want to hear, instead my music speaks on topics that a lot of artists think about but would never say on a record (to “protect” their brand). I speak for the streets, hence I’m “The Voice for the Voiceless”.

Pyramid Mag: About your latest single, Let Me Down, what is the story behind it and why the decision to drop it now as your 1st single in 2023?

L-Ment: Let Me Down is a MoneyWay Records track and is the lead single from the upcoming MoneyWay Album. It’s my first appearance for the year and reason being I didn’t want to drop music until MoneyWay Business is sorted out, you know.

Every move is calculated and there’s a plan in place so “Let Me Down” is the first part of the plan. The single is special to me because I’ve always asked myself how me and Duki would sound on a record that we both were in studio and it was my first time meeting Dynasty so he just blew my mind. Crazy thing is I wrote the verse in 10-15 minutes and when it was time to execute, i got crucial advice from Lefa M who’s a melodic genius so he just made my verse sound 20 times better.

Pyramid Mag: Who else did you work with, and what brought about that decision?

L-Ment: We (MoneyWay Records) have been locking in with Tieten Blaq and Basiq for the past few months so we’ve been exploring a different sound and it’s all thanks to the CEO (Theodre “Don” Mavodze), he had the vision and shared it with us and we started working on it. Honestly everything is all him, he curated everything.

Pyramid Mag: When are you planning to release a project, and what can the audience expect from it?

L-Ment: My next project is quite personal to me because it’s my first mixtape so I’m taking my time with it you know. All my favourite artists dropped the best 1st mixtape that I’ve ever heard, so I’d like mine to be perfect as well, so I don’t want to rush it. I don’t want to announce a date but hopefully it’ll drop this year, if not this year then definitely in the first quarter of 2024. There’s a whole lot of music dropping this year thou so MoneyWay fans will have a lot of music to feast on while waiting for the project.

Pyramid Mag: What’s your view on the current state of #VaalHipHop?

L-Ment: VaalHipHop is at a generational shift, where the youth is coming in the scene and introducing these new sounds that people aren’t used to so it makes it difficult for the normal audience to understand us especially if they’re used to your “Traditional Vaal Hip Hop”. This makes it difficult for us as “new guys” to reach every market but I believe we are moving in the right direction and by the next year everyone will be comfortable in their spots. I’m definitely coming for that top position thou, I’m tryna be the best the city has ever seen.

Pyramid Mag: What lessons are you bringing forth from your previous release, INFAMOUS EP?

L-Ment: INFAMOUS for me was about introducing myself as L-Ment, it’s my first official project under MoneyWay Records and was more about making a statement. Each track has it’s own sound (to showcase my different sounds so people don’t put me in a box).

It showed me my capabilities, opened a lot of doors in the industry and it definitely set the bar for me. It taught me that I can break my own ceiling if I focus hard enough so I’m taking that with me on my next journey. I must say thou that the INFAMOUS ERA isn’t finished as I feel like there’s a lot that still needs to be done with the project before i can move on to the next project.

“Let Me Down” by MoneyWay Records, L-Ment ft. Dynasty & Dukii Gone Green (Produced by Tieten Blaq & Basiq) is now available on all Digital Stores

INFAMOUS EP by L-Ment is also available on all Digital Stores. Stream it on your favorite platform by using the below link: