Leqhwa opens 2024 by penning a heartfelt verse on Umndeni Wezitha by Symon Maguire.

February 11, 2024
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In a moment that sparked surprise and exhilaration, Leqhwa’s name blazed across the latest release by Symon Maguire, under the EasternVille Music Affiliate banner. Since the explosive ICE PROJECT, Leqhwa’s presence in the music realm had been veiled in mystery until his associate and #VaalHipHop luminary, Vincent Kheswa, penned a detailed letter unveiling Leqhwa’s status in the scene. The letter, shared fervently on Leqhwa’s Facebook profile, hinted at a seismic shift in the industry.

Armed with nothing but a pen and a soul brimming with authenticity, Leqhwa unleashed a torrent of emotions with his verse on Symon Maguire’s soul-stirring track, “Umndeni Wezitha”. His raw, impassioned delivery resonated deeply with listeners, striking a chord especially among those who found solace in his heartfelt message about the complexities of family feuds.

With each syllable, Leqhwa reignited a fervor for his artistry, leaving fans yearning for more of his lyrical prowess. His seamless integration with Symon Maguire’s melodious vocals bridged the linguistic gap between IsiZulu and Sesotho, crafting a harmonious fusion that transcended cultural boundaries. This unprecedented collaboration not only showcased the boundless talent within the EasternVille Music community but also underscored its unparalleled versatility.

If the tantalizing hints in the letter are anything to go by, audiences can brace themselves for an onslaught of musical masterpieces from Leqhwa in the coming year (2024), promising a resurgence that will undoubtedly redefine the landscape of the music industry.

Umndeni Wezitha is available on all Digital Stores from the project titled INGUQUKO by Symon Maguire

Leqhwa also made the below notable appearances:

Thanks Giving / Kalkoen by T’bu Twiz featuring Leqhwa.

Voodoo Season by Voodoo Island featuring GodZeus, L-Ment, Leqhwa and Zeze Kortez.

Tsa Maleven by Masedi featuring Leqhwa and Kxng B The Great