On Deck for Success: DJ ZAN-D Pushing Commercial Frontier

April 3, 2024
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The annual radio season has come upon the South African airwaves, and one DJ who’s been spinning the Hip-Hop decks on these waves is DJ Zan-D. Having secured another year on South Africa’s trailblazing commercial radio station known for its commitment to showcasing emerging talent and pushing the boundaries of conventional broadcasting, Y-FM, DJ Zan-D will be vibrating on high frequency on YTKO on Tuesdays between 18h00 and 19h00, as well as IN THE RING on Saturdays from 20h00 to 00h00 with Just Mo respectively.

There’s been many talks about the absence/presence of #SAHIPHOP in the commercial scene. The role of DJs in commercial hip-hop has evolved significantly over the years, transitioning from being primarily behind-the-scenes music selectors to influential tastemakers and key players in the industry’s commercial success. DJs now hold a pivotal position in shaping the sound, image, and promotion of hip-hop artists, albums, and brands. One of the hip hop DJs who’s been very vocal about pushing the envelope to the rise of #SAHIPHOP is DJ ZAN-D.

“SA Hip Hop has gone back to the underground. Rappers are rapping again and no one is trying to release bubblegum. The real hip hop heads are happy with the quality of music that’s coming out. The part time consumers are complaining because they are looking for hits. Part time hip hop consumers are also complaining about the lack of hip hop events but real hip hop heads know where to find their events every week” says DJ ZAN-D.

In addition to the state of #SAHIPHOP, DJ Zan-D also shared his views about #VaalHipHop: “Vaal hip hop has been the exciting over the last couple of years. Artists like Espiquet, Dj Kaymoworld, Hopemasta have contributed profusely to the game. We need more artists to shine now and gents must not remove the foot off the pedal.”

DJs often serve as a bridge between artists and their audience, providing a platform for exposure and helping to build buzz around upcoming releases. As a result, DJ Zan-D has released music that’s available on all Digital Stores.

Also check out the ADN Podcast mix he did on YouTube, which is also available on Hearthis