Recuperating with KxngBlu

July 21, 2023
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Pyramid Magazine had a sit down with Tshediso Mofokeng, popularly known as KxngBlu, who is a Vaal based Sound Engineer, Music Video Director, Producer and Rapper. He is the Founder of Raw Music Group (R.M.G). KxngBlu has been a pivotal factor in Vaal Hip Hop for more than 10 years and has worked with the Best in Vaal and the country at large.

Pyramid Mag: More To Me is a very personal body of work, what is the story behind the Music, and the message you’re driving to the audience?

KxngBlu: More To Me is an album created out of necessity. My producer SubBeatz and I worked on it for 2 years because I felt like artists had such a deep misconception of who I am. I wanted to use the music to correct whatever incorrect perceptions there were or are of me. I am a son, a father, a brother, and a friend. I am more than just a rapper/ cinematographer, and I needed that message to reach anyone who was going to listen to this album.

Pyramid Mag: You’ve been publicly open about your struggles with depression. What is one thing you wish people could understand about this?

KxngBlu: Depression is not an excuse. I am clinically diagnosed with depression and that makes me an incredibly difficult person to deal with on top of how headstrong and assertive I am. The people in my life who have stuck around know my heart and the love it houses. But when something happens and I get triggered, they also know how to back off and give me time to re-align myself without taking it personally. We all went through the learning process together and are better off for it. There are people out there who think just because they dislike me that must mean the rest of the world dislikes me too and for a while my depression led me to believing that but I soon learned there’s a lot more love around me than anything else

Pyramid Mag: What does healing look like to you?

KxngBlu: Healing for me means understanding who I am and how I affect people in my life. I have no issues with admitting when I am wrong, with apologizing, with asking for help, but in the same breath I have no issues with calling people out, with making myself inaccessible if I feel like someone doesn’t deserve me or my time. Healing requires absolute awareness, brutal honesty and unrelenting criticism of oneself. That’s the only path to healing. 

KxngBlu – uMthandazo (feat. Sub Beatz)

Pyramid Mag: Raw Music Group is the one of the longest standing Record Labels in the Vaal. Can you take us through some of your outstanding achievements and work?

KxngBlu: We are one of the only labels in the Vaal that has stood the test of time regardless of how many instances were there where we could’ve folded and that is one of the things I am the proudest of… Outside of that we have worked with some of the biggest names in the music industry and created work that has shaped a lot of artists careers. We chose to remain silent about the impact we have on the industry because working is more important than praise to us. We know that there’s always more to be done. 

Pyramid Mag: You’ve always been surrounded by drama, and that includes a number of issues you’ve had with a number of people. What is the most misunderstood thing about you?

KxngBlu: This is a question I’ve always wanted to address. 99% of the people that have problems with me are people who do not know me and have never spent a second with me. They all “heard” something about me from someone and just decided I am who they were told I am. A lot of people have the perception that I am a mean person, or unkind I guess. I’ve done my best to remedy that perception but I also came to the realization that people will believe whatever is convenient for them and I have no control over that…. ALSO I am not money, not everyone will like me and I’m okay with that.

Pyramid Mag: What is your view about the current state of #VaalHipHop?

KxngBlu: There is OBVIOUSLY a lot of talent but it is so quiet, I don’t know if the music is not translating or the Hip Hop community is not pushing enough but there is a disconnect right with hip hop. There is a serious lack of support, there is a serious lack of collaboration and unnecessary volatility. The talent just needs to be guided, managed and focused towards a common goal and all will work itself out.

Pyramid Mag: You’re an Allrounda Creative, with artistry in Producing, Rapping, Engineering, Film, Music Video Production, just to name but a few. Do you have a preference or favorite amongst your many Creative Talents?

KxngBlu: Visuals… I am such a creative person all round but when I bought my first camera that was the first time I realised how potent my creativity was. I have a keen eye, the only thing I feel I am missing is budget. 

KxngBlu ft Dukii and Mondo Dusk- Ramasedi (Official Music Video)

Pyramid Mag: When are you at your happiest, or which Art gives you the greatest peace of mind?

KxngBlu: Making beats. Because of how emotional I am I usually pour all my emotions into the beats I make. I’ve always felt like I see sound in colour and have also always associated colours with emotion so putting those two together was able to bring me peace somehow…

Pyramid Mag: If you had to pick a song from your catalog that would be a description of a Soundtrack to your life right now, which song would that be, and why?

KxngBlu: Right now it has to be Vuka, because all i think about is success and i genuinely do believe that my success story is coming and it is going to be the greatest one you’ve ever heard. The chorus on that song is sung by my daughter and my nephew and the message portrayed is one of hope, dreams and success.

Vuka charted No. 1 on The Come Up Show with DJ OB Gwala on Thetha FM 100.6 on 14 July 2023.

Pyramid Mag: A King builds a kingdom and leaves a legacy behind, what do you want to be remembered as, what do you want your legacy to be?

KxngBlu: I want my legacy to be one of Love. I want to be remembered for helping as many people as I possibly could. I want to be remembered for building Hip Hop to the best version of itself and I want to be remembered as the very embodiment of Love.

More To Me by KxngBlu is available on all Digital Stores. Stream it on your favourite platform by using the below link: