Sit down with Masedi

October 19, 2023
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Pyramid Magazine had a sit down with Masedi to catch up on his latest release titled SEDILAKA, and get to understand where his mind is currently at.

Pyramid Mag: You’ve just recently released your latest album titled SEDILAKA. The album was 1st released in physical copies before moving on Digital Stores. What inspired this move and how have people received the album?

Masedi: My target was to sell over 500 hardcopies copies before releasing it on digital platforms. This is because I wanted to test the market if they can really buy into USB flash drives and to my surprise I couldn’t reach my target in a month after release which was my end goal. I always enjoy the sales department than the musical side of the business. Most times I like to set unrealistic targets for myself and see how far I can sell and move a product through music. 

Pyramid Mag: You’ve managed to keep your name relevant and consistent for a number of years now, what keeps you going despite many challenges artists face in this industry, especially Hip-Hop?

Masedi: Idk only God knows where this consistence and relevance comes from. I think it’s because the music that I create is something that they’ve been wanting to hear for ages. To be honest I don’t have a plan or a formula that keeps me going, it’s only God who’s been my driving force. Most of the things are new to me especially for somebody like me who has very little know about hip-hop. 

Pyramid Mag: Earlier you mentioned that you’re going back to school, something that most people never find the courage to do. What inspired the move and how have you managed to balance music and school?

Masedi: I’ve always wanted to study MBA (Masters in Business Administration) so I had to apply for a BBA course (Bachelors Business Administration) and obtain that degree first before I study what I really want. Like I said I’ve always had a keen interest in sales, brand creation and moving a product. That has been my area of interest. So, some of the things I study I apply them with the use of my music, and I apply some principles that I’ve studied to independently push my music. Studying and reading really helps me push my music. It has helped with seeing the industry with a different eye, assessing the market and marketing your envelope. There’s a lot of work behind the scenes that requires sufficient knowledge.

Pyramid Mag: A lot of young kids look up to you for many reasons, what advice would you give to the up and coming artist who wants to reach your level of success?

Masedi: They should stay in school and treat this music craft as a hobby. Lockdown really taught us a lesson that you need more than one stream of income to survive. They must create business opportunities for themselves and empower others in the community. They must never be tired or lazy to study. They should never see the negative side of education. They should submit the livelihood to God. They should never forget to have fun.

Pyramid Mag: You have lost a number of close people in this Music journey such as Thato and Nas. How did you deal with the loss and how did it impact your work?

Masedi: It’s sad on how both they lost their lives on the road. I still have trauma when I have to get inside a car and I have to travel to an event because we drink a lot to be honest with you. Which are the risks we take that come with the benefits of our scope of work. We work at scary hours sometimes and it’s by God’s grace that we make it home alive. We pray every time before we travel to any show and after. We ask for protection. It’s scary to lose someone that you had a vision with and to lose someone who had your best interests at heart.

Their passings really slowed down the momentum of the passion we had when we started this musical journey, and to be honest there are days where we feel like quitting and let everything go when you think about the passing of the people who carried your Vision. The adrenaline and drive that I had when I started this music journey at the beginning is not the same anymore, it has decreased a lot. I literally watched these boys grow and make so much money at a young age. They were close to reaching their dreams. They died at the finish line. I don’t think I can stand the pain of losing another brother anymore. The experience is very painful because it affects everyone around me too. The confidence to create lacks so hard when the army is mourning. 

Pyramid Mag: Would you consider doing a collaboration project with Real Deal Genaro? In fact, how come it hasn’t happened as yet?

Masedi: Actually I don’t want to spoil the surprise there’s something in the oven. We’ve been planning this thing since 2017. I think we were both too busy building our brands until we see stability and now is the perfect time to grow together again like we started.

Pyramid Mag: What are some of your greatest highlights/achievements in the Music Industry?

Masedi: Seeing the people around me grow rapidly. It’s safe to say I built youngsters who managed to be breadwinners at home through their craft. I’ve seen it with my own eyes and I still see it today. This is what’s keeping me going and this is the achievement I can say for me I take pride in. We managed to great gaps in the industry that we never thought they existed and they paying good dividends. The boys are eating well and the young ones have picked it up too.

Pyramid Mag: What’s your view on the current status of #VaalHipHop?

Masedi: There is change, I like the fact that more rappers are starting to rap in Italian / Stadiana. I see our sound is getting it’s own identity. The listeners are starting to relate with more rappers because they rap about things that happen in the Vaal.

Pyramid Mag: When all is said and done, how do you want to be remembered? 

Masedi: The person who revolutionised the sound of Milan.

SEDILAKA by Masedi is available on all Digital Stores