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Sit down with Dukii Gone Green

November 2, 2023
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Pyramid Magazine had a sit down with Dukii Gone Green, a rapper from Sharpeville in the Vaal Triangle who’s been keeping the streets buzzing with his unique flow and amazing music talent.

Pyramid Mag: You’ve been in the game for a minute, however, it’s only now that you’ve released your debut project. What led to this decision?

Dukii Gone Green: Well I’ve been meaning to drop a solid project since 2021 after I did a song with Real Deal Genaro (Mamello E Tswala Katleho) but I had my doubts about the songs as I kept working on new music until the deadline kept passing me for the passed 2 years, until my girl and my friends told me how not serious I am… It got so real I cried my lungs out thinking it’s really chaai for me and I’ve run out of inspiration…

But as I mentioned above that my girl and friends kept pushing me… One day my friend whose name is Joy, one of the people who anticipate my music, came to me and told me he spent almost the whole day watching TV and he was so angry that he came straight to me from his house just to tell me that if such songs can play on TV while mine are what the world deserves to hear, then I’m also capable of doing such and being played on TV, it’s all in the palm of my hands… Honestly after hearing that from him, I must say that was a wake up call “hore watseba keng Dukii, ska bapala poi, spana, you’re capable.”

Pyramid Mag: What inspired the project title and what can people expect from it?

Dukii Gone Green: Well honestly speaking, nothing outside me inspired my project… it’s because I’m not the type to listen to anything before I record because I feel like I’d re-do what I just heard, instead I listen to the beats and go through my WhatsApp chats or just have a conversation about literally anything until I hear something cool or knowledgeable about a certain conversation… My girl will tell you, she even realized that whenever I ask a lot of questions especially when I’m out of context she knows that I’m up to something… musically though… As for the project which is my first of many coming soon you can expect a little bit of my aggression from the tone and a bit of my emotions from the lines I spit.

Pyramid Mag: Can you tell us who you worked with on this project? I.e., Production, engineering, features, etc.

Dukii Gone Green: On this project I literally worked with quite a few people whom I really look up to not because of what they did for me but for the participation of the tape as well…namely Syra who produced the beat for “A lot” where I featured JustSam and the song “Mmh”, Lxcko who produced “Interlude” and Jolly who engineered and produced my favourite song where I featured my Girl’s cousin who has the same name as my Girl actually Lebo, I call it “HYKMW“… and well 60% of the project was engineered by Justsam and that’s what I also appreciate from him as not only did he help me make my project sound crisp and quality but I did get a verse of the decade as he promised me.

Pyramid Mag: You’re part of the crew called LTD FAM, can you tell us more the crew, and is there any music coming in the near future?

Dukii Gone Green: Well at this point I don’t have anything new I can tell you about the crew, but we are still family and we will always be family because whether I make it first or Hamilton makes it before JayPrince or whatever… People should just know that I am who I am today because of those 2 people and never should they doubt that I will always love and appreciate them. In terms of music we have so much unreleased songs we are planning on dropping… but of course we need to fabricate a solid plan for them as we don’t want them trending on WhatsApp statuses only, they literally deserve to be heard… But to cut it short we are coming and very hard for that matter.

Pyramid Mag: What’s your view on the current state of #VaalHipHop?

Dukii Gone Green: Right now all I’m gonna say is they should watch out for the kids that have been left out, from Terry Trill kay, Definition Da Don, Hemustbefabulouse, T’bu Twiz, S.W.O.T and Dynasty to name but a few… I feel like everyone is doing what they think is good for them but as the game as a whole I must say I’m proud of my hometown creatives as everyone now is literally coming to own what they deserve but mostly they should also lookout for my brother JustSam, watch the space.

Pyramid Mag: What would you say is the reason that made you find a voice in Hip-Hop as a culture, and how are you using that voice?

Dukii Gone Green: Well I won’t sit here and lie to you and say it’s always been a dream as kid that I’d be a rapper and all that as because I started as an athlete to playing soccer until I got an injury that compromised my future to being a professional in that field…. But as a kid, I was a very active kid who wasn’t afraid of trying something and I never believed in failure hence you see me doing so good, but I’d also like to give a shout out to magrootman a kasi who believe and motivate me to go even harder… because of them I’m striving for more.

Pyramid Mag: When you write music, do you write based on the beat, or do you start with lyrics and then choose the right beat?

Dukii Gone Green: Well, I’d say a bit of both because I write every chance I get, but I prefer listening to the beat and coming up with something from scratch before recording to the beat… as because before writing for the beat it needs to invite me… like seriously if the beat is not inviting I promise you I won’t reach my full potential but instead I’d write just to have something to record.

Pyramid Mag: How would you define the type of Artist/Rapper that you are?

Dukii Gone Green: I’d leave that question to the people who actually listen and understand me and my music because if I were to answer that I will answer that based on “how I feel about myself” and honestly I feel like I’d be wrong because when I started this music thing I started because I wanted to be something relatable to the kids, because as black people we have quite a few things in common and I felt I’d take that place and be the voice for the black kids who grew in this democratic era where we have too much freedom, and I feel like I’m the perfect example to motivate them to go extra harder as because I was one with causing trouble in high school, fights, drugs and so forth to being a role model and now I put half of that in my music to motivate the kids “hore bafwetho being a loser to the society because of certain dumb decisions doesn’t define your future.”

Pyramid Mag: What do you hope to achieve with your music? Where do you want your music to lead you?

Dukii Gone Green: Not only do I hope my music reaches the masses of the world but I strongly believe I will move from one place to the next where I will reap success through this music, because as I grew I learned that everything really does exist ONLY if you believe in it.

Pyramid Mag: What impact do you want your work and music to have on your audience/followers, as well as the industry at large?

Dukii Gone Green: I honestly I can’t wait being in music debates on who is the greatest, as because I will now hear the other side of what people really think of my music and that will help me improve where they feel like I lack, as that will also help fix a few things because honestly I won’t lie I still feel like I haven’t found myself as yet.. As much as people feel like they really love my music I still feel like I’m short with something and their opinions on it gives me the strength to fix and replace a few notes and the angle of delivery on it.

South Side to Lefatshe is available on Digital Stores


Sit down with Vusi Tshabalala of Sharpeville Creations

November 2, 2023
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Pyramid Magazine had a sit down with Vusi Tshabalala who is the founder and owner of Sharpeville Creations, and a well respected OG in the game of Hip-Hop who continues to be actively involved and contributes immensely behind the scenes with shows such as The Jump Off.

Pyramid Mag: The first important appropriate question to ask is, “What does Hip Hop mean to you?”

Vusi Tshabalala: To me Hip Hop is a way of life and not just music (RAP), which most people frequently confuse as what the culture is in it’s entirety as opposed to being just 1 of the 5 Elements.

Pyramid Mag: You’ve been one of the key influences in South African Hip-Hop for the longest time, some even consider you an OG. Can you tell us about your first or earliest encounters with #VaalHipHop?

Vusi Tshabalala: I don’t know about all that, but my earliest encounters with #VHH has to be hearing Kaydo & Optical get major spins on very “prominent” provincial and national radio stations like YFM and Metro FM in particular with music that contains heavy social content that most indigenous people in the country can relate to as it served as a reflection to what most in the hood we’re accustomed to on a daily basis.

Pyramid Mag: What are your views on the current state of #VaalHipHop?

Vusi Tshabalala: I think it’s definitely heading in the right direction sonically, but as much as I hardly entertaining this topic I feel like there are still unnecessary squabbles between creatives in the region which is gonna keep shit stagnant when we’re supposed to have our own industry already if it weren’t for such setbacks.

Pyramid Mag: This year we are celebrating the 4th Annual installment of “The Jump Off”. What motivated you to start the event, and what’s the purpose behind it?

Vusi Tshabalala: The establishment of Sharpeville Creations PTY LTD is what eventually motivated the inception of THE JUMP OFF as it came about as a celebration of the company being operational for a year hence it’s an annual event. The purpose is to showcase the dopeness that’s hardly ever on commercial platforms.

Pyramid Mag: What can the people expect from the event this year?

Vusi Tshabalala: A whole lot of skill showcased from the 1st act to the last with a combination of the Old & New School.

Pyramid Mag: What role does clothing play in the Hip-Hop culture?

Vusi Tshabalala: Clothing is an extended expression of an individual’s character which is precisely what the whole culture is all about.

Pyramid Mag: Can you tell us about the impact that Sharpeville Creations has made in the Hip-Hop culture, and Sharpeville as a whole?

Vusi Tshabalala: We’ve partnered with a few Hip Hop acts as Brand Ambassadors and drop arguably the sickest annual event in the region. As far as Sharpeville is concerned we’re well on our way to establishing what local residents can claim as their own since Deep Rooted.

Pyramid Mag: Where and how people order clothing items for Sharpeville Creations? And how’s the pricing?

Vusi Tshabalala: We don’t have a physical store as yet, but our merch can be obtained by following our social media handles on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter (X) under Sharpeville Creations and by also adding/following the Sharpeville Rep account on Facebook.

All these handles are very active and promote all items you can find under our umbrella. The pricing ranges from R200 – R650 but most items that we sell also come in kiddies’ ranges which are much cheaper than the above-mentioned prices.

Pyramid Mag: How has Hip-Hop shaped your views on religion and world views?

Vusi Tshabalala: It taught me to be a Critical Thinker and to never take things at face-value but to always look for hidden agendas (they’re always lurking in the background) especially when it comes to religion and politrics as I like to call it.

Pyramid Mag: What legacy do you want to leave on earth? How do you want to be remembered?

Vusi Tshabalala: I wanna leave a legacy that gives my children a financial head-start in this capitalistic and materialistic world, personally I wanna be remembered a non-sheeple and very realistic individual who didn’t take shit from lames.


Sit down with Masedi

October 19, 2023
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Pyramid Magazine had a sit down with Masedi to catch up on his latest release titled SEDILAKA, and get to understand where his mind is currently at.

Pyramid Mag: You’ve just recently released your latest album titled SEDILAKA. The album was 1st released in physical copies before moving on Digital Stores. What inspired this move and how have people received the album?

Masedi: My target was to sell over 500 hardcopies copies before releasing it on digital platforms. This is because I wanted to test the market if they can really buy into USB flash drives and to my surprise I couldn’t reach my target in a month after release which was my end goal. I always enjoy the sales department than the musical side of the business. Most times I like to set unrealistic targets for myself and see how far I can sell and move a product through music. 

Pyramid Mag: You’ve managed to keep your name relevant and consistent for a number of years now, what keeps you going despite many challenges artists face in this industry, especially Hip-Hop?

Masedi: Idk only God knows where this consistence and relevance comes from. I think it’s because the music that I create is something that they’ve been wanting to hear for ages. To be honest I don’t have a plan or a formula that keeps me going, it’s only God who’s been my driving force. Most of the things are new to me especially for somebody like me who has very little know about hip-hop. 

Pyramid Mag: Earlier you mentioned that you’re going back to school, something that most people never find the courage to do. What inspired the move and how have you managed to balance music and school?

Masedi: I’ve always wanted to study MBA (Masters in Business Administration) so I had to apply for a BBA course (Bachelors Business Administration) and obtain that degree first before I study what I really want. Like I said I’ve always had a keen interest in sales, brand creation and moving a product. That has been my area of interest. So, some of the things I study I apply them with the use of my music, and I apply some principles that I’ve studied to independently push my music. Studying and reading really helps me push my music. It has helped with seeing the industry with a different eye, assessing the market and marketing your envelope. There’s a lot of work behind the scenes that requires sufficient knowledge.

Pyramid Mag: A lot of young kids look up to you for many reasons, what advice would you give to the up and coming artist who wants to reach your level of success?

Masedi: They should stay in school and treat this music craft as a hobby. Lockdown really taught us a lesson that you need more than one stream of income to survive. They must create business opportunities for themselves and empower others in the community. They must never be tired or lazy to study. They should never see the negative side of education. They should submit the livelihood to God. They should never forget to have fun.

Pyramid Mag: You have lost a number of close people in this Music journey such as Thato and Nas. How did you deal with the loss and how did it impact your work?

Masedi: It’s sad on how both they lost their lives on the road. I still have trauma when I have to get inside a car and I have to travel to an event because we drink a lot to be honest with you. Which are the risks we take that come with the benefits of our scope of work. We work at scary hours sometimes and it’s by God’s grace that we make it home alive. We pray every time before we travel to any show and after. We ask for protection. It’s scary to lose someone that you had a vision with and to lose someone who had your best interests at heart.

Their passings really slowed down the momentum of the passion we had when we started this musical journey, and to be honest there are days where we feel like quitting and let everything go when you think about the passing of the people who carried your Vision. The adrenaline and drive that I had when I started this music journey at the beginning is not the same anymore, it has decreased a lot. I literally watched these boys grow and make so much money at a young age. They were close to reaching their dreams. They died at the finish line. I don’t think I can stand the pain of losing another brother anymore. The experience is very painful because it affects everyone around me too. The confidence to create lacks so hard when the army is mourning. 

Pyramid Mag: Would you consider doing a collaboration project with Real Deal Genaro? In fact, how come it hasn’t happened as yet?

Masedi: Actually I don’t want to spoil the surprise there’s something in the oven. We’ve been planning this thing since 2017. I think we were both too busy building our brands until we see stability and now is the perfect time to grow together again like we started.

Pyramid Mag: What are some of your greatest highlights/achievements in the Music Industry?

Masedi: Seeing the people around me grow rapidly. It’s safe to say I built youngsters who managed to be breadwinners at home through their craft. I’ve seen it with my own eyes and I still see it today. This is what’s keeping me going and this is the achievement I can say for me I take pride in. We managed to great gaps in the industry that we never thought they existed and they paying good dividends. The boys are eating well and the young ones have picked it up too.

Pyramid Mag: What’s your view on the current status of #VaalHipHop?

Masedi: There is change, I like the fact that more rappers are starting to rap in Italian / Stadiana. I see our sound is getting it’s own identity. The listeners are starting to relate with more rappers because they rap about things that happen in the Vaal.

Pyramid Mag: When all is said and done, how do you want to be remembered? 

Masedi: The person who revolutionised the sound of Milan.

SEDILAKA by Masedi is available on all Digital Stores


Sit down with Vusi Twala

October 19, 2023
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Pyramid Magazine has a sit down with Vusi Twala who is half of the two proud owners of CLOTHING BEYOND ORDINARY, a clothing brand from the Vaal Triangle aimed at touching the society with excellent quality clothing and accessories. 

Pyramid Mag: When was your clothing apparel established, and what was the inspiration behind it? 

Vusi Twala: Believe it or not, it was established in 2004 by me and my 2 beasties whilst doing grade 8 dreaming of one day becoming a powerhouse of a brand. We were inspired by our schoolmates, a specific time when we were given a standing ovation on our style and choice of dress code on private clothes day “civies”

Pyramid Mag: Who are the key partners behind the brand?

Vusi Twala: It is myself (Vusi Twala) and Bennet Mafenuka

Pyramid Mag: What is the vision behind the brand, and what goals have been achieved so far? 

Vusi Twala: THE BIGGEST GOAL WE HAVE ACHEIVED SO FAR IS STARTING. We have struggled to even get to the printing stage for all these years due to our private lives, our careers and general interests. We have tried to start this for years with no success due to all the aforementioned. Our vision is QUALITY! QUALITY! QUALITY!  We intend to STAND ABOVE ORDINARY CLOTHING BRANDS by really taking notes of their MISTAKES. We need to be in the closets for the longest, be in the backs of our clients the longest, and also bearing in mind be stylish while doing this. 

Pyramid Mag: What makes your brand different from anything that is out there?

Vusi Twala: The approach to the industry.  We want the client to feel the thread, adore the packaging and brag about us. We’re proud of the brand but so is any other brand owner. QUALITY aspect aside, the name of the brand says it all and the 1st two designs are just the umbrella of a lot more storytelling line drops that will be ringing the right bells.

Pyramid Mag: What is it that people gain when they buy your brand?

Vusi Twala: It’s just the beginning with just under literally 20 followers across all the social platforms. We have noticed that we are being seen by a lot more viewers just not subscribers and buyers. We were only supported by our immediate circle of influence, however, in a recent study we were enlightened that that’s how it all starts… but anyway we have ran completions for free merchandise and are currently on a verge of starting a partnership with Lesedi la Bokamoso Wellness Center in Sharpeville with just the little that we have. We can only imagine the influence we can bring to the community once the ball starts rolling. 

Pyramid Mag: Where can people buy and how can they place orders?

Vusi Twala: Our merch is readily available on YAGA, which is the fastest growing marketplace for loved fashion in South Africa and Estonia. YAGA launched a pilot in Tallinn, Estonia and expanded to South Africa in early 2020 where YAGA shortly became the number one choice for South Africans for selling their fashion pieces online. Here is a link to our YAGA store

We also have a WhatsApp Business line 0782163924 for orders and obviously a simple DM ON ALL OUR SOCIAL MEDIA PLATFORMS

FACEBOOK: Clothing Beyond Ordinary

TikTok: cbo_90

Instagram : clothing_beyond90

Pyramid Mag: What is your strategy to counter the current economic outlook where there’s less money to spend in people’s pockets?

Vusi Twala: Truth be told. People need clothes on their backs. That is a common need, and 70 percent of the youth is obsessed with brand and are clearly not in the “I CARE ” state of awareness. They just want what they want. So we just cater to their desires while expressing positivity and sending a unique message through our clothing brand. That an individual is beyond ordinarily.  So to answer the question there is no strategy to counter attack the economy yet. Maybe once we have established ourselves and our power. 

Pyramid Mag: With the festive season coming up, what is in store for the brand that people can look up to?

Vusi Twala: Collaborations with our beloved Vaal artists and a few giveaways. We have noticed that brands love the influencer wearing their brands approach. We are not ordinary so we would rather give our merch to the public since they are the customer we serve them. 

Pyramid Mag: What are your views on the current state of #VaalHipHop? 

Vusi Twala: Touchy subject.  Major personal views that aren’t popular with the today scene. In a nut shell I AM NOT NEW SCHOOL AND I REALLY CAN SUPPORT IT UP TO SO FAR. I’m just not into what it’s become… I mean literally cats are bending over backwards to please the popular demand. Do what you gotta do I’m just not into commercial Rap. 


Sit down with Real Deal Genaro

July 28, 2023
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Pyramid Magazine had a sit down with Real Deal Genaro, a prominent rapper born and raised in Sebokeng, Vaal Triangle, whose style of rap bends English and Sotho to create this unique and incredible “lingo” that’s becoming a trademark in his hometown.

Pyramid Mag: How did you manage to keep yourself relevant in the game without dropping a full length project?

Real Deal Genaro: I think it has a lot to do with impact & influence. I feel like I’ve always had a consistent run on how I influence people. It can be on how I dress , how I talk , my tattoo’s etc. I feel like my relationship with my fans has always been different.

Pyramid Mag: Are there any plans for a full length project in the near future, or new Music?

Real Deal Genaro: There’s definitely new music coming up. A new single in a couple of weeks before we get ready for the summer and just features on the side.

Pyramid Mag: What’s your view on the current status of #VaalHipHop?

Real Deal Genaro: It’s really quiet. There’s nothing exciting since the Sebokeng Downs freestyle, hahaha nah for real though. Vaal Hip Hop is in a stagnant state, there’s nothing to talk about man and I wouldn’t say there’s lack of support, I mean if there was we wouldn’t be sitting on 20K views, 15K views going up. I just think there hasn’t been anything great in a minute. Oh but there is something you should look out for, ‘X’ by Lobo myself and Earle Fari and ‘Vivienne Westwood’ by Earle Fari and Lobo, now that’s heat we didn’t know we needed.


Pyramid Mag: Last year you lost a very close friend, Thabang Nas Koena, a great creative and a photographer of note whose legacy cannot be forgotten and left a huge gap in the industry. How have you been dealing with the loss and how did it impact your work?

Real Deal Genaro: I honestly didn’t know how to deal with that, I mean Nas was like a brother to me, he’s one person I could say completely understood what I’m trying to do. So losing him was like losing an organ 😪 it really pierced my heart.

Pyramid Mag: Every Music Video you’ve been dropping seems to escalate into a new level of creativity. What’s the inspiration and the driving force behind your work?

Well, I’ve always believed that “You’re only as good as your last work” and I’m lucky I got to be around people that actually understand that about me. I’m always finding ways to improve myself and the quality and authenticity of my visuals.

Real Deal Genaro – Ra Lwana Nah ft Masedi, Kxng Colo & Flokey (Official Music Video)

Pyramid Mag: Would you consider doing a collaboration project with Masedi? In fact, how come it hasn’t happened yet?

Real Deal Genaro: Masedi is one of my favourite artists. We’ve had that chat before, a Real Deal Genaro x Masedi project would slap. I would love to do an album with him. He’s definitely one of the greatest.

Pyramid Mag: What impact do you want your work and music to have on your audience/followers, as well as the industry at large?

Real Deal Genaro: I want to save lives with my music and what I do. I want to give people hope, I want people to know that life gives you a 2nd chance, 3rd chance, 4th, 5th etc. as long as you don’t give up on yourself. I had someone come up to me and said “Maana I appreciate you so much, if it wasn’t for you I wouldn’t have held on this long, ‘Mamelo etswala Katleho’ has restored my will to live.” as soon as I heard that, I understood my purpose. The same kinda impact just on a larger scale.

Real Deal Genaro feat. Dukii – MAMELLO ETSWALA KATLEHO

The Jump Off 4th Annual Event

July 26, 2023
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The 4th Annual Jump Off Event is ready to set off on the 4th of November 2023. Known for bringing the best of the best in the Hip-Hop game, every year the standard rises to new levels as Sharpeville creates unforgetabble memories powered by MCs who actually know how to move the crowd and DJs who master the art of mixing with an aural insight to motivate the crowd.

It is in your best interest to mark your calendar 📅 early so that nothing comes between you and Hip-Hop. Save the date and book the 4th of November 2023 off your diary. The Jump Off Annual event is where the Hip-Hop Elements come alive on the V side, in Sharpeville.

Brought to you by
Sharpeville Creations


Recuperating with KxngBlu

July 21, 2023
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Pyramid Magazine had a sit down with Tshediso Mofokeng, popularly known as KxngBlu, who is a Vaal based Sound Engineer, Music Video Director, Producer and Rapper. He is the Founder of Raw Music Group (R.M.G). KxngBlu has been a pivotal factor in Vaal Hip Hop for more than 10 years and has worked with the Best in Vaal and the country at large.

Pyramid Mag: More To Me is a very personal body of work, what is the story behind the Music, and the message you’re driving to the audience?

KxngBlu: More To Me is an album created out of necessity. My producer SubBeatz and I worked on it for 2 years because I felt like artists had such a deep misconception of who I am. I wanted to use the music to correct whatever incorrect perceptions there were or are of me. I am a son, a father, a brother, and a friend. I am more than just a rapper/ cinematographer, and I needed that message to reach anyone who was going to listen to this album.

Pyramid Mag: You’ve been publicly open about your struggles with depression. What is one thing you wish people could understand about this?

KxngBlu: Depression is not an excuse. I am clinically diagnosed with depression and that makes me an incredibly difficult person to deal with on top of how headstrong and assertive I am. The people in my life who have stuck around know my heart and the love it houses. But when something happens and I get triggered, they also know how to back off and give me time to re-align myself without taking it personally. We all went through the learning process together and are better off for it. There are people out there who think just because they dislike me that must mean the rest of the world dislikes me too and for a while my depression led me to believing that but I soon learned there’s a lot more love around me than anything else

Pyramid Mag: What does healing look like to you?

KxngBlu: Healing for me means understanding who I am and how I affect people in my life. I have no issues with admitting when I am wrong, with apologizing, with asking for help, but in the same breath I have no issues with calling people out, with making myself inaccessible if I feel like someone doesn’t deserve me or my time. Healing requires absolute awareness, brutal honesty and unrelenting criticism of oneself. That’s the only path to healing. 

KxngBlu – uMthandazo (feat. Sub Beatz)

Pyramid Mag: Raw Music Group is the one of the longest standing Record Labels in the Vaal. Can you take us through some of your outstanding achievements and work?

KxngBlu: We are one of the only labels in the Vaal that has stood the test of time regardless of how many instances were there where we could’ve folded and that is one of the things I am the proudest of… Outside of that we have worked with some of the biggest names in the music industry and created work that has shaped a lot of artists careers. We chose to remain silent about the impact we have on the industry because working is more important than praise to us. We know that there’s always more to be done. 

Pyramid Mag: You’ve always been surrounded by drama, and that includes a number of issues you’ve had with a number of people. What is the most misunderstood thing about you?

KxngBlu: This is a question I’ve always wanted to address. 99% of the people that have problems with me are people who do not know me and have never spent a second with me. They all “heard” something about me from someone and just decided I am who they were told I am. A lot of people have the perception that I am a mean person, or unkind I guess. I’ve done my best to remedy that perception but I also came to the realization that people will believe whatever is convenient for them and I have no control over that…. ALSO I am not money, not everyone will like me and I’m okay with that.

Pyramid Mag: What is your view about the current state of #VaalHipHop?

KxngBlu: There is OBVIOUSLY a lot of talent but it is so quiet, I don’t know if the music is not translating or the Hip Hop community is not pushing enough but there is a disconnect right with hip hop. There is a serious lack of support, there is a serious lack of collaboration and unnecessary volatility. The talent just needs to be guided, managed and focused towards a common goal and all will work itself out.

Pyramid Mag: You’re an Allrounda Creative, with artistry in Producing, Rapping, Engineering, Film, Music Video Production, just to name but a few. Do you have a preference or favorite amongst your many Creative Talents?

KxngBlu: Visuals… I am such a creative person all round but when I bought my first camera that was the first time I realised how potent my creativity was. I have a keen eye, the only thing I feel I am missing is budget. 

KxngBlu ft Dukii and Mondo Dusk- Ramasedi (Official Music Video)

Pyramid Mag: When are you at your happiest, or which Art gives you the greatest peace of mind?

KxngBlu: Making beats. Because of how emotional I am I usually pour all my emotions into the beats I make. I’ve always felt like I see sound in colour and have also always associated colours with emotion so putting those two together was able to bring me peace somehow…

Pyramid Mag: If you had to pick a song from your catalog that would be a description of a Soundtrack to your life right now, which song would that be, and why?

KxngBlu: Right now it has to be Vuka, because all i think about is success and i genuinely do believe that my success story is coming and it is going to be the greatest one you’ve ever heard. The chorus on that song is sung by my daughter and my nephew and the message portrayed is one of hope, dreams and success.

Vuka charted No. 1 on The Come Up Show with DJ OB Gwala on Thetha FM 100.6 on 14 July 2023.

Pyramid Mag: A King builds a kingdom and leaves a legacy behind, what do you want to be remembered as, what do you want your legacy to be?

KxngBlu: I want my legacy to be one of Love. I want to be remembered for helping as many people as I possibly could. I want to be remembered for building Hip Hop to the best version of itself and I want to be remembered as the very embodiment of Love.

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July 8, 2023
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6AM success was obtained at 10PM, not in Italy, but in the City where the biggest Hip-Hop Festival in the continent is held. It feels like yesterday when Teq released 3 singles in one day and kept the streets buzzing ever since, continuing to show his dominance by making his presence to be loud in the streets. Yep, he’s definitely a problem child of this Hip-Hop genre.

When he crafted his lyrics, he penned down a prophecy that is manifesting over time as time unfolds. As the future becomes present he presents his vision with impactful music. On the song 10PM (Not In Italy), he touches on the gatekeeping issues of the Music Industry, even though he wasn’t given a plague, he transformed to make himself a platform and a force that can’t be ignored.

This became a reality when he won the Back To The City MC 10K Challenge of 2022, where he raised Vaal Flag for the whole content to witness, as he prophecied on 10PM (Not In Italy). Taking the No. 1 spot in the Top 8 finalists, yet again, as he said on his lyrics “I’m Top 10 and not 10, when you count back, ngiLast Number”.

He talked about trusting in the process, which is something that is not easy since it often never makes sense at a time. Maneuvering without budgets while shooting aimlessly at targets with hope that one day things will turn around and look up. Through all of this, he says the streets are something you cannot gatekeep because he got keys to every corner. This is where he found comfort to carry his vision forth. The Streets came through in numbers when they voted for him to be in the Top 8 Finalists of the 10k MC Challenge; another manifestation.

He said he won’t stop until he gets what he deserves and the sit on the table. This has also manifested as he’ll definitely be in the Main Line-Up of the Back To The City Hip-Hop Festival this year by default, as result of winning the 10k Challenge. Raising theVaal Flag once again. His lyrics are truly manifesting over time. 6AM success written in 10PM.

His lyrics are truly manifesting over time. 6AM success written in 10PM.

Watch the Music Video of 10PM: Not In Italy (featuring Leqhwa) on YouTube, amd witness the prophecy being manifested:

Official Music Video